Purple Hazy Rain

Purple Hazy Rain

This piece was supposed to be in Panania alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at Mummy's Kebabs on Tower Street but we had to change the concept so I put it out to the Panania Facebook community page and within a couple of hours I found it a home. Literally.

I was delighted to have found the perfect canvas in Marrickville. The stars aligned that day. The wall was already a dull purple and it just needed a new glow. And what could be better that the combination of two music legends and two of their iconic songs. The new owner of this purple creation could not be more deserving, her whole life has almost revolved around Prince, from being invited to private previews of his music to jumping the queue in Vegas by Prince, himself.

The response to the piece has been amazing so far, first, from passerbys and now the onoing tags and notifications from people passing and posting on social media. I have to admit it has been exciting because I was quite nervous being that it was my first more public artwork in Sydney.

Go check it out at Addison Road, Marrickville, NSW.



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